Product : SMF Battery Exide

Exide Powersafe SMF Battery (7Ah to 100 Ah)

Features: -

Sealed Maintenance Free
No need for checking electrolyte level and topping throughout its life.

Sealed construction ensures no leakage or seepage of electrolyte from terminal or casing.

Free from Orientation Constrains
The sealed construction with immobilized electrolyte allows the battery to be installed in any position, horizontal, vertical, sideways - without any effect on its performance.

Eco Friendly
The unique gas recombination technology effectively nullifies generation of gas during normal use. It is totally eco friendly, ensuring clean and safe environment.

Minimal Voltage Drop
Since the battery emits no gases or fumes, it can be placed adjacent to the UPS System or other electronic equipment, ensuring minimal voltage dorp between battery and equipment.

Easy Handling - Easy Installation
Lightweight and compact. Modular construction, easy to install and easy to connect and commission.

Ready to Use
Available in fully (factory) charged condition.

Good Service Life
Between 3 to 5 years life for small and medium monobloc range (EP Range) depending on cyclic / float applications.

Low Self Discharge
Self discharge very low as compared to conventional flooded battries.

Charge Retention & Recovery
Excellent charge retention and recovery ability due to special design of plates and separators with an absolutely balanced electrolyte.

Superior High Rate Discharge
Very low internal resistance and very high electrolyte - active material reactive interface - allows very high currents for short and medium duration.

High Reliability
Tough construction and heavy duty design with superior corrosion resistant lead calcium tin alloy.

Advantages: -

  • Saving of handreds of litres of distilled / demineralised water throughout it slifetime as compared to conventional battries.
  • Saving of manpower for regular topping up and cleaning corroded terminals as in conventional batteries.
  • No domage of flooring by spillage of battery acid or water during maintenance
  • No need of separate battery room.
  • Can be installed by stacking together in any convenient orientation or position, thereby saving huge floor space as compared to conventional batteries.
  • Cuboidal space thus saved can be utilized for other equipment's / installations. This is specially relevant in costly metropolitan areas.
  • Battery can be installed inside offices and working areas - no need for separate battery rooms, costly acid proof flooring etc. Battery can be installed in a installed in a cabinet also.
  • No need for elaborate air exhaust systems as in conventional battey installations.
  • Saving from transmission loss - Higher efficiency - Lower electricity consumption - Lower cost on cabling.
  • Does not require specially trained technical manpower for elaborate installation and commissioning procedures
  • No delay between receipt and use. Instant power source.
  • Comparable with the best international makes.
  • Better than the international makes in the same capacity range.
  • Can be stored for 3 to 6 months, depending on ambient temperature before recharge and without any loss of efficiency or performance
  • Lower consumption of electricity during use
  • Very long shelf life
  • Leads to greatly improved ability to recover from deep discharge
  • Requires smaller capacity (as compared to flooded batteries) for high rate discharges upto 15 mins / 30 mins / 60 mins duration.
  • Lower size, lower cost, lower space requirement.
  • Can deliver the rated performance throughout its service life.

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